Riding on a Segway
through Amsterdam


Segway City Tours Amsterdam
Bilderdijkpark 12A

m +31 646 01 0647

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Chamber of Commerce number : 54925363

Terms and Conditions:

Below you will find the general terms and conditions of Segway City Tours Amsterdam:

Article 1
Segway city tours Amsterdam is not liable for damage whatsoever arising during the Segway activity and / or Segway ride to participant, third parties and / or goods.

Article 2
The tour participant is liable for all obligations arising from this agreement.

Article 3

Payment must be made for delivery of the machines to be used, unless otherwise agreed.

Article 4

The Segways may only enter the public road on the conditions set by Segway city tours Amsterdam.

Article 5
The Segway is insured by Segway city tours Amsterdam.

Article 6                                                                                                                                                                                      
Every rider of the Segway must have undergone a short driving skills training. The participant is responsible for this.

Article 7
Participation in the Segway activity and/or Segway ride is permitted for persons aged 16 years and older with a minimum weight of 45 kilos and a maximum weight of 150 kg. The control of this is the responsibility of the participant.

Article 8
Participant must comply with the traffic regulations and local ordinances. Any traffic fine(s) are for the account of the participant.

Article 9Segway city tours Amsterdam is at all times authorized to take the segway(s) used within the tour period without refund in the event of abuse or alcohol consumption.

Article 10
Without explicit permission from Segway citytours Amsterdam, the Segway may not be used on unpaved paths, the beach and / or in water puddles.

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