Who is gonna play this Amsterdam escape quest with AR technologie

Prepare for an Amsterdam Escape augmented reality experience like none other as you race against time, your friends and co-workers to solve riddles, complete challenges and have ridiculous fun during this outdoor adventure quest! Use logic, your eagle eyes and human creativity to collect enough crystals and stop the Magic Portal from closing.

You haven't had this much fun with your office, family or friends in a long time!

Dating Team3 

Family Fun

Team Building var team 
Crazy Fun  Interface 6 Augmented Reality Chestw800 

~Collect Crystals to power up the Magic Portal~
~Experience Augmented Reality with help from our Goblin Friend~
~Work as a team and save our worlds from destruction~
~Go through all the episodes and complete the journey~


There is no one way to complete this quest. This event will be based how fast your team rises to the occasion and how effective your teamwork is in a time of crisis! See if you have what it takes to top our High Score List of Completed Questors and fastest time of completion? Will you and your team of heroes make it back to the Magic Portal in time?