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Amsterdam your way


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Augmented Reality Quests

NEW! The Amsterdam escape game with AR technologie

As you all know, escape rooms are hot!! But what if a room is not your space? Believe it or not, in this game the whole innercity of Amsterdam is one big ESCAPE-ROOM!! But that's not all. This game is played with GPS and a time-limit, but also on a highscore when you play against other teams! Your team ( max 4 persons ) gets an Ipad and an action pack to help you find some right answers. So when you are a family, a group with friends or you have a date for the first or second time and you wanna play this game private?

Interested? Book it online or just call us!! Our number is 0031620204398 and we settle a date and time.

Or mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team 12w800One hero can not do it alone, but with a group of heroes you will succeed. Effective Teamwork, Hustle, and Dedication to complete all the riddles and events of this adventure is a race against time before the connection between our worlds is forever removed!

There is no one way to complete this quest!

Participants must go through several episodes which provides our participants with an extraordinary introduction in continuation of future quests. We called upon several heroes to prepare for battle, complete the tasks at every part of the journey to collect enough crystals to power up our Magic Portal before it closes forever disconnecting Earth and another World far from our Universe.

Interface 8 Mapw800

All the action gear and equipment will be provided for you to complete and record every event throughout the journey.

There will be so many stories to tell those whom have never heard of this new outdoor experience! There are high scores to beat.