On tour with real Amsterdam guides

Op de damIt is quite an experience to explore the rich history of Amsterdam.

And its narrow streets, bridges, alleys, canals and beautiful old buildings on a Segway from Segwaycitytours-Amsterdam.


Amsterdam has about 400 kilometers of bicycle lane.

You can drive on it with a Segway. However, Segways may also be driven on regular roads. The Segway is so maneuverable that you can virtually get to every alley and street in Amsterdam! the Segway can go forwards, backwards and has a very small turning radius. It is a great experience!


Driving a Segway, feels like something you have never experienced before.

Simply because there has never been anything like it! Driving a Segway is very addictive, nothing else compares to it. Floating over the streets, without making a sound, is a very good feeling! Even the spirits of people, seeing you drive a Segway, are a bit lifted!


Get on the Segway and instinctively find your balance.

Like you would do on any device for transportation with two wheels. But almost immediately you realize that the Segway, finds that balance for you, it feels like it has become one with you, the driver. Lean a bit forward and see that the Segway will do what you intended to communicate with your movement! It feels natural and very relaxed, you are completely in control! SCT-Amsterdam takes you trough the historic streets of the inner city of Amsterdam. Our guide knows a lot of fascinating stories to tell you. All of our guides are from Amsterdam, or have been living in our beautiful city for many years. They are all experienced Segway drivers and tell you, with passion and enthusiasm, all about their city.


Our guide speaks English or Dutch during the Segway Tour.


We have tours with a maximum of 4 people and we only do the tour when we have a minimum of 2 people and a guide.

We limited the amount of people because, in this way, the guide can focus his full attention on a reasonably small group of people. So, he has time to become acquainted with every one of you during the trip. Subsequently, he can also easily focus the information that he gives, on your personal fields of interest.





The Segway is?

A great new personal transportation device that is designed to go anywhere you do. It balances itself and its an experience on two wheels while speed and steering are controlled by your body’s movements. You simply glide along and the Segway senses where you want to go.

How will I learn to ride the Segway?

The Segway is fun and easy to learn. Your tour begins with 20 minutes of training on segway safety and maneuvers. Once you feel comfortable with operating the Segway your tour really starts.

Do I have to make a reservation?

Tours are booked by reservation only. You can easily book your tour online.

Do you offer private tours?

We do offer private tours. Give us a call +31 (0) 646 01 0647.

What if it rains?

You’re coming to Amsterdam where there is always a chance for damp weather so a little rain doesn’t keep us from having fun. If the rain should be torrential however, we will try to reschedule your tour.

What is the minimum age to operate the Segway?

In the Netherlands, the compulsory age for operating a Segway is 16. Each passenger must bring a valid photo ID that includes a date of birth to the meeting point. Don’t forget your ID or you won’t be able to ride the Segway.

What is the weight restriction of the Segway?

To operate properly it is required that the passenger weigh more than 100 lb. (45 kg) and less than 250 lb. (113 kg).

What is your cancellation policy?

Unfortunately we are unable to give a refund for tours cancelled.

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